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Mainly 2D but sometimes 3D art as well

And heres my entire life story

excited for polls cause im gonna ask ppl what alt fashion should i make vocaloids be

does every single person i draw look the exact same?


am i gonna do anything about it? probabaly not

I think it would be cool for a december art challenge to redraw a holiday barbie theyre just rlly pretty

(this vid is good for all previous holiday barbies ) Ill probably go with 1995 or 1996

im just gonna use the #holiday barbie redraw

ughhh i cannot character design lately

Commsionsed someone to make a demon dinosaur for me which im now using as a steed to my demon magical girl oc

(comssion done here )

Simpstuck upd8 bart fucking dies

newest page here

start from page here

Rotoscoping attempting in Blender Grease pencil

For uni but i went with Bette Milders Rose's turn cause of the flair

did this for the snout scout contest on twitter

my one is a star nosed mole

cringetober day 18

the only sonic stuff ive seen is from snapcube lol

The last (?) season os kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts is so good

I loved the grown up designs

cringetober day 12

demon oc i had before so i guess that adds a layer of cringe?

Cringetobe day 7

I usually check for historical accuracy but when it comes to my ocs i just do what i think is cool